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I look forward to working with you on becoming the BEST YOU possible!

Pricing and the Methods I use can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please download these forms, fill them out, sign and email them back to me. (Client Intake, Events, Policies)

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Phone sessions fax to 610-627-1142. For in-person sessions, I will email you directions. Please click HERE for samples of what other clients have said.

We will be discussing very private and sometimes painful past experiences. All issues you discuss in session remain confidential. I have many clients with many past events, some of which most people would find horrifying. I know that people have learned reactions to the world and all can be released. I support your learned reactions and will work to help you be free of the painful effects of even the most horrendous past memories. Please also be aware that learned reactions can often result from seemingly insignificant events – like a look from a parent at a certain time.

Please watch these videos before arriving:

About MTT & EFT

Tapping Points: Please tap along so you are comfortable with where the points are. You don’t have to memorize them, just be sure to follow along

What to Expect & How You Can Get the MOST Out of Your EFT Session

How to get the MOST from your
Matrix Reimprinting EFT session

For more videos on Matrix Reimprinting, please go to

I also hightly suggest watching these free videos:

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Download as PDFTapping Points Chart EFT Points

In person:

  • I have a home office on a main street with a large parking area in Media, PA.
  • We tap in a medium sized room in the front of the building with windows and a couch.
  • In good weather, you can choose to tap on the back deck inside a screened-in gazebo.
  • I will provide you with water at all times – I put a slice of lemon or lime in your glass – please let me know if you don’t want that. You can also bring your own water.
  • If you are driven by someone, Media has an adorable downtown area with shops and restaurants so your friend can be occupied. I also provide the movies “The Secret” , “Operation: Emotional Freedom”, “What the Bleep”, “One”, “The Living Matrix”, or “Try it On Everything” if they would like to remain and watch a movie in the TV sunroom.
  • I welcome friends/family to attend the session, if you desire, but they MUST agree to tap along and say the words outloud with us during your session. Please understand that we will be discussing extremely personal details and you may only want your friend to stay for the first part of the session.

Phone/Skype sessions:

  • I do not need to see you via webcam, but I do have a webcam, so you can see me if you would like to use the internet, skype, yahoo or etc.
  • You’ll need to have one hand free, preferably both hands… so it is best if you have a headset or speakerphone.
  • For you own benefit, please MAKE SURE that you will not be interrupted during our session.
  • Please have drinking water on hand.

Pricing (Cash, Check, Paypal, or Credit Cards):

  • $197 per session for a commitment to 6 sessions.  This is a COMMITMENT to 6 sessions. You may pay as you go.
  • Package of 6 sessions paid in full with the 6th session free $985.
  • Single sessions $245 per session.
  • I offer a package of 6 half hour sessions of Emotion Code/Body Code with the 6th free. (all EC/BC sessions are recorded for you)

Schedule here:

Methods I use:

As an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainer, potential clients expect me to primarily be using those 2 methods in our private sessions. By far, the most often IS Matrix Reimprinting. However, just as often is Prenatal Reimprinting.

Prenatal Reimprinting is a series of sessions utilizing tapping and Matrix Reimprinting from conception to birth. It’s successful for clearing life long issues like feeling alone, I’m not good enough, I’m not wanted, I have no purpose and more. You do not need to know details about the pregnancy at all.

I also use the Emotion Code and Body Code. Example: The great thing about the Emotion Code and Body Code is that we don’t really need to go to specific events so it’s great for people who don’t have clear memories, really don’t want to dig up old events and actually you pretty much just sit there while I do the work – and it can even be done when you not present and I’ll give a recording of the session.

I use Essential Oils both in person and surrogately as well as aromatic colored sprays called Colour Mirrors from England. I sometimes use something called the Yuen Method to nuetralize obsessive thinking and strengthen positive and helpful understandings and beliefs.

I use German New Medicine or Meta-Health to find the conflict shock that allowed the particular illness or disease enter and take up residence in your body. You can click on the link above to see a more detailed video on that.

I use Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) to get to where issues started, achieve the needed learning and help clear the negative imprints of painful events – even if neither of us knows when it happened. There is a particulary great ACE called ACE your Cortex.  It’s TERRIFIC for deep sticky issues and can also be done for children without them needing to be present.

I use muscle testing both in-person and proxy to help guide me to what will work best with your own personal situation, where your body is at the moment, and what order to work with what.

I use intuition to connect with your higher self through the help of God or the universe, whatever word you want to use. If you are uncomfortable with me using intuition, please let me know that immediately – however, you should know that it is an amazing way to help you in your healing path. HeartMath has done amazing studies on how the heart has nueral matter and sends information to all parts of the body. With practice and permission – anyone can read another’s heartfield.  It’s sort of like when you know someone is angry even if they don’t say a word.

I use Dimensional Healing and Universal Energy Healing to mitigate unhealthy patterns in your life. Dimensional Healing can be used similar to Distance Healing and is a combination of Advanced Clearing Energetics, Reiki, NLP, Divine Healing, German New Medicine and Meta-Health and a few other things from my 35 years of experience.

If you would rather just do a particular method like Matrix Reimprinting or EFT or Body Code – please just let me know that.

Every person is different. Every situation is different. Sure, I see similar patterns and have experience with what has worked best in certain situations – but these methods are simple and people are not… it’s also why I have detailed intake forms, so I can take the time to determine the method or methods that can be best… specifically in your case. To make an appointment, go to and click on the yellow scheduler button. It will take you to a page with booking and payment information as well as a scheduler where you can choose a day and time best for you. I look forward to working with you.


Once booked, I prepare for your time and other clients cannot book that time. Please understand that both your time and my time is precious. Just as you rely on me to stick to the schedule, I must rely on you.

  • $25 charge if less than 24 hours (this may increase if someone else had to be “bumped” to accommodate your time)
  • Lateness: it’s your scheduled time, your session will end on your scheduled end time.
  • Full price if no-show or cancelling by phone within 2 hours before an appointment
  • Emergencies understandable (within reason)
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