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How To Get the BEST and fastest from EFT Tapping Depression Not Good Enough – Intro to Tap Along

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Anger & stress control management self help EFT tapping

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Crisis Tap for Yourself (Instructions)

Mirror Tap

  1. If you can, write down your emotions and give each an intensity level. If you are crying or too emotional to write – then just JUMP IN and start tapping in front of a mirror.
  2. Stand or sit in front of a mirror. Look straight into your eyes and start
    telling your story. That person in the mirror knows more about your feelings than anyone!
  3. Use all the points. You don’t need any set up phrase until the intensity drops a little. Talk to the mirror and tap the points as you talk.
  4. GET INTO IT. Whatever the emotion, GO FOR IT. Let it out as you keep tapping. Anger, frustration, sadness, poor me, why me, anger again, being used, loneliness – ANYTHING! And don’t be afraid to curse, yell, bawl or get really pissed off – as long as you KEEP TAPPING!
  5. Check the intensity – if it’s not down to at least a 2 – keep tapping!
  6. Remember that aspects change – anger goes to sadness or Leave me Alone goes to why don’t you care…. these are all separate intensity ratings that can be tapped – but as long as it’s moving, you don’t need to stop to measure anything.
  7. When everything is manageable and hopefully at a 2 or less – it’s time to tap while telling that person in the mirror how great he/she is for dealing with all this. That you appreciate all that he/she went through.
  8. And then Top it Off – How do you WANT to feel about this?! Tap in that you are grateful to be feeling “X” – fulfilled, powerful, in control, calm, joyous, understood – whatever it is you want to feel!

It may seem like many steps, but it is the completion of handling an emotional crisis. You could simply do 1 – 4 to get back to an even state and then do the rest later – but I would suggest getting through ALL the steps so that the circle is complete and your emotions for the crisis are helped more permanently. So KEEP TAPPING!

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